Tuesday, December 10, 2013

New Blog- Come Follow Us!

I've decided to go back to my family blog now that Henley is here. Come follow our new journey through parenthood at www.texasrays.blogspot.com. My blog is private but feel free to email me and I will add you. Thank you all for your support throughout this journey!

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Henley's Birth Story

Things don't always go as planned, but just remember, God's timing is perfect.

That was my Facebook post when we found out we were pregnant with Henley. I should have listened to my own advice then. Henley's birth did not go how I had planned, but it was perfect and I cannot imagine it any other way.

We had a doctor's appointment on Tuesday, November 26th. It was my weekly appointment and was moved from Wednesday to Tuesday that week because of Thanksgiving. We got to our appointment and heard her heartbeat and everything sounded great. Then we went for our sonogram. Henley looked beautiful just as she has this whole pregnancy; however, she wasn't moving quite how she should at that point. She was getting crowded and based on this and my MTHFR gene mutation, along with everything else we have been through to get here, Dr. G didn't want to take any chances and suggested we deliver that day. He also recommended a c-section would be best. We could try for a vaginal delivery,  but if it took to long or she got too stressed, we would have to move forward with a c-section anyway. We decided to take his advice and do a c-section. It was not an emergency c-section, but he did want to get her out that day, so we headed straight over to Baylor labor and delivery. Our emotions were everywhere. We had not planned this to happen so soon, and I knew nothing about c-sections. Luckily our car was packed already (thanks to my severe ocd and excessive planning) and once we got into our room, they scheduled us for the procedure at 5, so I had plenty of time to google c-sections!
Last picture with Henley in my belly- 39 weeks 1 day
We waited around in a labor room until about 4pm. Terry actually left at one point and headed back to work to wrap some things up, and my Mom and Dad came up and stayed with me for a little bit.

Waiting for our c-section

Around 4:15 they came in and got me to take me to the operating room. Wheeling into the operating room was so scary. It was a true operating room. I'm not sure what I expected, but the labor and delivery rooms are so peaceful and calming. This was NOT like that… it was a true operating room, with bright lights and an operating table and doctors and nurses everywhere! Right when I got in the room they gave me some meds through my IV to calm me down, which helped a ton. Shortly after that they gave me the epidural, which didn't hurt at all. The surgery started once they confirmed the epidural was working, and it took about an hour and a half to finish the whole thing. They had a sheet up so I couldn't see anything, but Terry was sitting right next to me and could see if he wanted. When they got close to Henley, Dr. G announced that she would be coming out soon, so Terry stood up and watched their every move. A few seconds later, our lives changed for forever- Henley came out and I heard her cry. Tears were uncontrollable. Dr. G showed her to me and they immediately took her to the baby station where they checked her out and cleaned her up. Terry got to hold her about 5 minutes after she was born. He brought her over to me and laid her by me so I could see her and talk to her. She was perfect.

Henley's first picture
Born 11/26/13 at 5:14pm, 6lbs 9oz, 19.75in long

First family picture
After she was all cleaned up, they wheeled us to recovery. Since it was 2 days before Thanksgiving, the recovery room was empty so allowed our parents and sisters to all come back at the same time. All of this time is very blurry to me- I was on a lot of drugs at that point! I do know one thing though- this little girl has brought so much joy and love to our families and you could see how happy everyone was that she was finally here. It was such an emotional time.

Wheeling her to the recovery room
Henley Ray- we love you so much already and even though you have been here a short time, I cannot imagine our lives without you.

We stayed in the hospital through Friday. We had a rough first night, and decided to send Henley to the nursery the last two nights… best thing we did the whole time we were there!! Recovery has been tough, but so worth it.