TTC Journey

You can read my initial post here, which will get you up to speed on things that happened before I started my blog.

3/2013 Sonohystogram clear; 20 units Lupron 2x/day+50 units Follistim 2x/day. 1 follie- 20mm, 3 follies 13mm on day of trigger. IUI#3 BFP
Beta 1- 99 (3/25)
Beta 2- 309 (3/27)
Beta 3- 882 (3/29)
Beta 4- 3,313(4/1)
First Sono Ever Scheduled for 4/8/13 

7/3/13- It's a GIRL!!! Anatomy looks great!

Henley Elizabeth- Due December 2nd, 2013

2/2013 Break to let uterus heal
1/2013 Hysteroscopy revealed uterine septum, but they fixed it during surgery; RPL bloodwork revealed one copy of each MTHFR mutuation, so increasing folic acid

12/2012- Break  
11/2012 Much needed break. No dr. appts, meds, or peeing on things. So much for that- HPT on CD11- BFP- (no clue how this happened). beta#1 59, progesterone 1.1, beta #2 89 progesterone 39, beta #3 17, MC
10/2012 AMH retested- 1.4; 20 units Lupron 2x/day+50 units Follistim 2x/day, and 150 units Follistim on day of trigger. 4 follies- 18mm, 18mm 16mm, 16mm; 50-80 million Superman swimmers. Triggered, IUI#2, BFP beta #1  7, so stopped all meds. 
09/2012 Natural cycle due to vacation. Annovulatory cycle. BFN
08/2012 2 cysts, forcing natural cycle. Continue acupuncture and alkaline diet, annovulatory cycle (no ovulation)
07/2012 Cyst gone, 40 units Lupron+75units Follistim. 4 follies- 22mm, 20mm,19mm,17mm; 60 million Superman swimmers. Triggered, IUI #1- FAILED. BFN
06/2012 Cyst still there, forcing a natural cycle. BFN. Continue acupuncture and alkaline diet.
06/2012 50 units Follistim despite cyst. Cycle cxld (cyst absorbed meds). Prescribed Provera. Began acupuncture and alkaline diet.
05/2012 75 mg Clomid, annovulatory cycle (no ovulation)
04/2012 75mg Clomid, 2 follies- 22mm, 19mm. Trigger shot, BFP. Beta #1 7, chemical pregnancy 
 AMH retested 1.2, which is much better. RE is pleased.
03/2012 50mg Clomid, BFN; 1st RE Appt. 13 tubes of blood- all tests came back normal except AMH level was .8 (low). RE thinks fluke and will retest next month.
02/2012 Clomid 25mg, BFN
01/2012 Clomid 25mg, BFN, Made appointment with RE for March

12/2011 Taking cycle off to let body heal (for real this time!)
10/2011 Supposed to take a break to let body heal from MC, but natural BFP instead. Beta #1 306, Beta #2 265- MC 5 weeks, 4 days
09/2011 25mg Clomid on CD 3-7, CD 21 Progesterone level 10.4 (still weak ovulation) BUT BFP! Beta#1 37, bleeding started- MC 5 weeks, 1 day
08/2011 Yearly OB appointment, CD 21 Progesterone level, came back 7.4 indicating weak ovulation, Clomid prescribed; Learned T has "Superman swimmers!"
05/2011- 07/2011 Positive OPKs, but BFNs
02/2011- 03/2011 Didn’t use OPKs, BFNs

12/2010 Finally a positive OPK, but BFN
11/2010 Started using OPKs, had no clue what I was doing
09/2010 Decided to get off birth control, trying but not trying

Enjoyed life on the nuva ring


9/13/08 Best day of my life. I married my boo.



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