Wednesday, June 12, 2013

15 Week Checkup

We are on Cloud 9. We had our 15 week checkup today and this was the first appointment I have gone to where they weren't going to do a sonogram... what??!! I'm so used to having them every time I go in! We heard the heartbeat and were just fine with that, until Dr. G said that if we wanted, we could pay $75 for a sonogram and find out the gender. We decided to go for it!

They did a belly sono this time. After about 10 minutes of trying to get Baby to cooperate, they had me roll around on the table, get up to pee, and finally asked me to go drink a coke to see if Baby would uncross its legs!! The entire sono took about 30 minutes! I'm not surprised at all that Baby was being stubborn. Finally, they got a decent shot, and said there was no doubt in what they were seeing.

In fact, it's 99-100% confirmed that BABY RAY IS A...

Well, we haven't shared the gender with our family and friends yet, so stay tuned. But we couldn't be more thrilled.


intunewithmyautoimmune said...

This tease is all kinds of WRONG!! Congrats on knowing...if it is a girl then it will be great because your sense of style will love shopping for bows and tutus! is an awesome girl site...this one couple at our church has their girl blinged out and it is adorable! If it is a boy-well they are awesome!! Either way it will be perfect and I can already tell that the gender is just what you wanted!!

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