Monday, October 7, 2013

Baylor L&D Tour

Today we did the tour of the labor and delivery building at Baylor, where Henley will be born. It felt so weird being a part of that huge group of growing bellies. I had to fight back tears at least 5 times during the tour. It feel so unreal that we are here and I cannot put into words how happy and thankful I am.

The tour was good. The rooms are very nice and the tour made Terry and I anxious for Henley's arrival!! I had a minor freak out moment on Saturday- it went something like this:

We had chili for dinner, and I looked down at my package of Fritos.

Me: OMG, Terry, my fritos expire on December 3rd.
Terry: Ew, of 2012? Throw them away.
Me: Seriously? You totally missed the point.

You know it's getting close when you start seeing food expire around Henley's due date! So exciting!


Meagan said...

I don't know what it is, but with both of my pregnancies, I used expiration dates as indicators of how much closer we were getting to meeting our baby girls! :) You're getting so close!

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