Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Forward March...

Today is CD1. My baseline sonogram was good today... no cysts. My E2 level came back at 33, which they want it less than 50, so we are good there too. My protocol is as follows:

Lupron Microdose- 20 units in morning and night, starting today
Follistim- 50 units in the morning and night, starting Friday
IUI #2, if my body cooperates.
That's 4 injections per day. Yikes. 

I go back to the doctor on Monday to see what my little guys are doing. Hoping, praying, and crossing everything that we get a good egg (or two!). 

I follow a lot of blogs, mostly people I don't know, but I have read some very good stories over the last few weeks. Stories of people like us that finally get pregnant, some even against all odds. Miracles do happen, we just have to wait our turn for ours. 


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