Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Meds Ordered!!

I ordered my meds today for our 3rd IUI. In a way I am considering this our 1st IUI. This will be our first shot at trying since the removal of the septum, and I am so hopeful that the surgery fixed our problem and that this will be successful! My meds will be here tomorrow, and I'll start the lupron shot on CD1. We are using the same protocol for this round, which my body has responded well to in the past. My last Provera pill was yesterday, so I expect CD1 sometime over the next few days.

Once again, I am so thankful for our change in insurance. My meds should have cost us around $1,800, but it only cost $60 in co-pays. And Dr. P isn't charging us for the IUI this time. The financial aspect alone has been such a huge weight lifted off our shoulders. 

All of this prep for our next cycle has also brought back those emotions of fear, doubt, sadness, and anxiety that seem to be permanent feelings when facing infertility. It also brings back hope that this cycle will be the one. We just have to keep our heads up and positive thoughts and know that we can only do so much. It's out of our control and in God's hands. 


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