Thursday, February 21, 2013

No Period and Next Cycle News

CD 34 and Still. No. Period. UGH. I went to the doctor Tuesday for a sono and blood work. The sono revealed a pretty thin lining at 7mm, and bloodwork revealed progesterone at 1.4 and estrogen at 55. So Provera it is! After 45 minutes in the pharmacy last night (along with everybody in Dallas that is sick), I finally got my prescription filled. I started taking it last night and hope for my period to show sometime next week.

I also followed up with the doctor office today to see what our plans are for next cycle. I had assumed since we have to do the sonohyst to check for scar tissue that we would not be able to do any treatment, but I was wrong! Dr. P says we can do another IUI this cycle, so I'm ordering my meds next week. I have every single thing in my body crossed that the 3rd time is a charm.


intunewithmyautoimmune said...

Keep hoping and believing! Timing is everything and it will all work out better than you could have ever imagined.

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