Thursday, January 31, 2013


I'm frustrated. Really really frustrated. I called Dr. P's office today to schedule my sonohistogram (so they can confirm no scar tissue formed from the septum removal during the hysteroscopy). Recall that I was supposed to call to schedule the sonohist after the start of my next period, which should have been any day now, and then on the start of the following cycle, we were going to do IUI #3. I still haven't started my period, but I thought I'd go ahead and schedule for next week. Well, they told me I had to do the sonohist on CD 8-10. No one freaking told me that before. I didn't know it had to be on a certain day, besides the fact that I don't even know what day I'm on now!!!!
Here is my jacked up cycle- hopefully it's not too much to follow. 
Dec. 12           Period
Jan. 11            Hysteroscopy- Dr. P says to expect my next period to be heavy
Jan. 11-18       Spotting (from surgery, or so I thought)
Jan. 19            Sore boobs, Increased spotting mixed with red blood. Not enough to even fill a
                      tampon, so I assumed this was related to my surgery.
Jan. 31            Still no sign of period.

So I asked to be transferred to the nurse and left a message asking if the bleeding I had on Jan. 19th was possibly my period. That's the only thing I can think of, because my cycles are not normally this long (if I go off the Dec 12th date, I'm on day 51 right now). She left me a message back saying that it probably was my period, which puts me on CD 12 right now... so too late to do the sonohist this cycle. SOOOOOO that means I now I have to do the sonohist on my next cycle, which pushes the IUI out to the following cycle. 

I'm tired of waiting. I'm tired of being patient. I'm ready to get this going again. It's SO frustrating.

PS. For those of you wondering, I have taken 27 pregnancy tests, all negative.

PPS. Not really 27. Okay, well maybe. 


intunewithmyautoimmune said...

Praying and thinking about you all the time! It will will happen!

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