Friday, April 19, 2013

7 Week Sono

Starting on Wednesday evening, the few symptoms I was having started to disappear. The only symptoms I have really had have been tender breasts and I feel a little nauseous randomly. The breast tenderness has kind of fluctuated this whole time, leaving for a few hours but then returning. Well, Thursday came and went, and my boobs still didn't hurt. Friday started, and still nothing. In the past, this has always been a sign that I was miscarrying, so I called the doctor to see if we could go in for a sono on Friday instead of waiting until Monday. I was really nervous, but something was telling me that everything was okay. Everything turned out to be fine. Baby's heart was beating away and measuring 7w2d, right on schedule. It's even starting to look more like a baby now! The nurse said that it's possible that my body is just getting used to being pregnant so the hormones aren't affecting me like they were. I am so thankful that everything is okay, and I can't wait to see Baby again!


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