Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Saved By The Bell Moment

I'm so excited... I'm so excited... I'm so.. scared!

Oh, Jesse Spanno... thank you for that moment. This week has been amazing and terrifying all in one big ball. I've only managed two major panic attacks that resulted in me being certain we were losing this. But my blood work proved me wrong (levels should rise 60% every 48 hours). 
Beta 1- 99 (3/25)
Beta 2- 309 (3/27)
Beta 3- 882 (3/29)
Beta 4- 3,313 (4/1)

There is still so much that can happen, and it scares me, but I'm so happy we are here. We have never made it this far. Assuming we make it through this week okay, we will have our first ever sonogram next Monday.

Right now I am feeling fine. I started spotting on Saturday and it hasn't stopped, but it is light so the dr says to just take it easy. I had massive backache and cramping on Monday, which is how our other miscarriages started, so I of course was a mess. But I feel fine now, and just pray that everything is okay. If you have an extra prayer, please say one for us.


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