Saturday, November 2, 2013

Crockpot Freezer Meals

Terry and I have a hard enough time now figuring out what we are going to eat, so I can't imagine how stressful it will be when Henley is here. I decided to make some freezer meals that I could just throw in the crockpot. Pinterest helped me out and gave me some recipes to go off of, mostly from this blog. I decided to start with chicken meals, and hopefully over the next few weekends I can do some beef meals. This was so easy and cheap. My grocery bill was right around $100 but I ended up with a lot of leftover stuff, and my prep time was about an hour and a half (that includes about 14 potty breaks :) ).

Here are most of the ingredients used, although I started adding to the recipes once I got going. I hope they turn out good!

I used the recipes on the blog linked above for the following:

Cilantro Lime Chicken
Chicken Fajitas
Creamy Italian Chicken (I ended up adding mushrooms and tomatoes to this and will serve over pasta)
BBQ Cranberry Chicken
Cheesy Chili Chicken
Chicken Tortilla Soup

I'll keep you posted on how they all turned out once we start cooking them!


Mr. and Mrs. Pyburn said...

Girl, I swear trying to figure out what to make for dinner is the hardest thing! This is a great idea.

Micahl said...

yum! If you need any beef recipes, let me know! I've got a few good ones.

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