Friday, August 24, 2012

Insurance Blessing!

We have had an awesome turn of events in the insurance department! Right now, I am on a high deductible health plan, and while it did cover the diagnostic part of our testing, it covers ZERO infertility treatments. So almost everything we have done, we have paid out of pocket. And everything we have left to do, we would pay out of pocket. Well, Terry's company was bought out by a company based in Illinois, and their insurance is through BCBS Illinois. IL law is different than TX law when it comes to coverage for infertility treatments: IL requires companies to cover it. SO, after hours of research, discussions with HR and my doctor's insurance person, etc... I am switching to Terry's plan. While it doesn't cover treatment 100%, it does pay 90% after we meet our deductible, and we pay 10%. And it even covers IVF, if we ever have to get that far. Just a tiny example of the money we will save: one vial of Follistim without insurance costs $291, and I used three vials last cycle. So we spent $873 on just the medicine alone. That doesn't include any of the doctor's visits or IUI. On my new plan, since fertility treatment is covered, I will pay a $30 copay per vial, so $90. Wow. Blessing.

You have no idea how much weight this lifts off of me. As if it isn't stressful enough to go through this, it makes things a zillion times worse when you have to spend the equivalent of a brand new Mercedes on your doctors visits. OK, that might be exaggeration, but it does cost a lot, and it's stressful. This is such a great relief.

Things I am thankful for: Answered prayers.


Mrs. Tyndall said...

This is such fantastic news!! Our insurance paid for eighty percent of all the diagnostic work and it was a huge relief to get the answers we needed without having to sacrifice our retirement. :) Praise God that you can move forward without the fear and doubt!

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