Wednesday, August 1, 2012

IUI... check!

We are done with our first IUI. I have to say, I sure hope it was the last. I did a lot of research about what it would feel like, would it hurt, what do they do, etc. I went into the IUI thinking it wouldn't hurt a bit and would be super easy. Well, I must be one of the randoms that doesn't get so lucky. It hurt. I kept thinking that labor is probably a million gagillion times worse than this and I need to suck it up, so of course I did. And Terry was right by my side, being amazing as always, which made things so much better. It's not like it was unbearable, but it did hurt. BUT I will take on any pain at this point to get to our goal. All the injections in my tummy, the shots in my hip, the ultrasounds, the IUI pain, not to mention the money... I don't care. It WILL be worth it.

So the plan for now is: I had acupuncture today, and was told to eat pineapples for the next 10 days as it's supposed to help with implantation. I also go back to the doctor on Friday for the "sticky" shot. It's a micro dose of hCG, which tricks your body into thinking your pregnant early, so it helps produce more of the good hormones that you need to support a pregnancy. After that, we wait!


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