Monday, May 20, 2013

12 Weeks! Wow!

I'm 12 weeks today. So thankful! What a crazy, emotional, exciting 12 weeks it's been. It still doesn't really feel real, other than the small pooch I am beginning to develop, which is going to be really cute for swimsuit time this weekend. I'm not complaining, just saying!

All of my prenatal bloodwork and urine analysis came back normal, so that was relieving. I was worried about being anemic, but Dr. G says we're all good!

We have about a week to decide if we are going to do the NT screening (screening for down syndrome and a couple of forms of Trisomy). I am really torn with this. I feel like if the results come back remotely abnormal, it will send me off into another world of worry and anxiety, but I also want to know if something is going on with our Baby so we can better prepare for it. 
Other than that, we are just working on finishing up painting what will be the baby's room, and also researching daycare options, should I go back to work. I'm still praying daily (sometimes hourly!) for Baby to grow strong and healthy. We welcome your prayers for Baby as well.


intunewithmyautoimmune said...

Yay!!!!!!!!!!! I can finally read about it! Welcome to the joy of answering these major life questions. There are still days that I feel so responsible. You know, I looked forward to going back to work, but I know many mothers that never made it. Do what is best for you and hopefully your job will give you time to try it out. I know of some women that just could not do it and quit on the spot. For me, I felt so out of control at home that it was a welcome feeling to go back to work, but now I rush home right after school to love on my son. Time and your heart will help you figure it out...CONGRATS!!!!!

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