Wednesday, May 1, 2013

9 Week Sono

This is so unreal. We saw Baby again today, and it was dancing around! It would be really still and then do a little jiggle. I obviously can't feel anything yet, but it was so amazing to see on the screen.

At 9 weeks pregnant, I'm still so afraid that something will go wrong. But every day that goes by, I get a little more excited that this baby might actually be part of our family in December. I'm still not really having many symptoms. I occasionally get nauseous (but no puking yet), my boobs are tender on and off, and the newest symptom is the fatigue. It usually hits me in the afternoon and my drive home from work is usually a blur because I'm just out of it. I'll take any and all symptoms that want to come my way, but I'm thankful that this has been pretty easy so far. 

We are continuing to take it day by day and are continuously praying for our baby and our family. 
Baby's head is at the bottom- 9 weeks


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