Wednesday, May 15, 2013

11 Weeks and Dr. G

Today was our 11 week sonogram and also our first appointment with our new doctor, Dr. G. LOVE HIM. He sat down with us and went over all things pregnancy, went over our history, and really seemed to relate to our trouble getting pregnant and our miscarriages. He answered every single one of my 18 questions I had written out to ask him before I even had a chance to ask them. He addressed things like not worrying if your symptoms fluctuate or completely go away, and to not listen to what "everybody else" felt when they were pregnant. Obviously I know these things, but it is really hard to not worry about every little thing when you are pregnant, so just hearing him say this was so funny/helpful. I'm really, really glad we met with him, and am excited about him being our new doctor.

Our sonogram went great. Baby is measuring 11w2d, right on track, and its heart rate is 163bpm. We got to hear it again and it is just an incredible sound. We also got a sneak peek at its "parts" and Dr. G says he is 70% sure it's a BOY! He said really it could go either way since it's so early, but he did see what he thought was a pee-pee! I saw it too, and thought the same thing! Our gender scan will be at 18 weeks so we have a while before we find out for sure.

I asked Dr. G when we could feel comfortable telling people about our pregnancy, given our history and all (if it were up to me I think I would just wait until the baby was here!), and he said that this Monday I'll be 12 weeks and (knock on wood) we could go ahead and tell family, friends, Facebook... whoever. BUT I'm not scheduled to go back to see him until June 12th, so I was really concerned that something bad would happen without any signs between 12 weeks and 15 weeks when I go back, and I would have already told everyone I was pregnant. Dr. G didn't want me to worry, so he will be meeting me at the office next Saturday, 5/27, to do a quick sonogram to ease my mind. Just another example of him being great!

One quick thing I learned today- As you all know based on a previous post, I carry a mutation of the MTHFR gene. This mutation is genetic, so Dr. G told me that I need to let my younger sister know that she should be tested for this as well so that preventative measures can be taken when she is ready for kids. I had no idea about this, so I thought I would share for those of you with the MTHFR mutation- you might share that info with your sisters to hopefully save them some heartache in the future.

11w2d, more alien looking than Baby :)


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