Friday, November 2, 2012

Triggered Today

We triggered today, and are scheduled for IUI #2 tomorrow at noon. Here's what we looked like today:
Lining: 8.5mm
Left: 2 mature follicles- 18.1mm, 16.1mm
Right: 2 mature follicles- 17.8mm, 16.4mm
Dr. P gave me 100 more units of Follistim while I was there this morning (in addition to the 50 units I had given myself before my appointment), in hopes that those 2 16s will grow just a little more before ovulation. Since we triggered at 9:30 this morning, ovulation will likely take place in 36 hours, or around 9:30pm tomorrow night. 

I have had a really positive feeling about this cycle, probably just because it's been so long since my body did what it was supposed to do. High five, Ovaries! :)


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