Sunday, January 13, 2013

Hysteroscopy Done

I had the hysteroscopy done on Friday. The few days leading up to the surgery were a mess. The facility was out of network, and I was frantically trying to reschedule with an in network facility. The out of network facility ended up working with me on the cost, and charged me $200 less than what the in network facility was going to charge, so we went with the out of network place. Also, if we do IVF, we have to go through that facility anyway, so we would have to face the out of network cost at some point. It ended up working out fine. I was also super nervous about the anesthesia. I knew it would all be okay, but I was very scared!

I arrived to Vivere (the facility) at about 1, and they quickly got me back to my room. After a painful, unsuccessful attempt at putting the needle for the IV in my hand, they finally got it in my arm. We waited there for about 1 hour and they wheeled me back for surgery. I didn't feel anything during the surgery.... I was out! After the surgery was over, there was some pain and they continued giving me meds in my IV to help with that. Before I knew it, they were wheeling me out in a wheelchair and we were on our way home.

Dr. P talked to my Mom and T after the surgery, and they attempted to relay what happened. They said something about something being concave that was supposed to be convex and they fixed it. HUH? That meant nothing to me! I was really looking forward to Dr. P's call on Saturday so I could get a brief rundown on what happened. I have a post op appointment scheduled for Jan 25th so I knew that we would go over everything in detail then, but I needed to know something now! Dr. P called, and explained that I had a uterine septum. He said they removed it and that he thinks that this is a very positive finding. Here is a little description on uterine septums:

Women with a septate uterus have a band of tissue called a septum running down the middle of their uteri. Septate uterus is a type of  congenital uterine malformation that results from a problem in the formation of the woman's uterus during her own prenatal development.
A uterine septum increases the risk of miscarriages and can be a factor in recurrent miscarriages. 
Septate Uterus and Miscarriages:
Typically, the septum is fibrous tissue without much of a blood supply. So pregnancies that implant on the septum are thought to be at higher risk of miscarrying because the placenta cannot develop properly and access nutrients.
Women with septate uteri who do not miscarry may be at increased risk for preterm labor and having a premature baby.

Odds of Miscarriage for a Woman With a Septate Uterus:

Different studies have found different figures, possibly due to the sensitivity of the technique used for diagnosis, but miscarriage rates in women with septate uteri seem to be somewhere between 25% to 47%. SOURCE

I know that this may not be our answer. But after 4 miscarriages, and them finding and fixing this, I can only pray that this was the problem all along. I am looking forward to my post op visit. I hope to get more information on the findings, and see where Dr. P says we should go from here. I have a feeling he is going to want to try another IUI, which I am up for. So maybe we will plan for IVF in the fall, if we need it. I do know that we need to wait a month or two before doing anything to let everything heal.

Thanks for all the thoughts, prayers, texts, emails, and calls. It means the world to me to have so much support.


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