Monday, January 7, 2013

Pre Op Appointment

I met with Dr. P today for my pre op appointment. My hysteroscopy is still scheduled for this Friday at 3. The surgery sounds pretty simple, although I am nervous because they will be putting me under anesthesia. That always scares me. He said the surgery will take about 20 minutes if they don't find anything, and could take up to 45 minutes if they find something they need to fix. 

He wants me to have another round of blood work done on Wednesday to check for clotting disorders. He does not think that this is an issue since my HCG levels have always been so low (usually clotting is an issue in losing a pregnancy further along than 5 weeks), but he wants to check just to be sure. He also said that after looking more at my chart and our history, he is not 100% convinced that we need to jump on the IVF bus just yet. He wants to re-evaluate our next steps after the surgery. This means if we do IVF, we're probably looking at March. 
I can't decide if I hope they find something wrong or not! I just want answers!


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