Wednesday, July 25, 2012

...And We're Growing!!

More good news! We're still growing! You can see on the screen below, I have 4 follicles around 12-13mm and 2 around 10mm, and my lining is measuring 10.6mm (considering they like to see at least 7.5mm by ovulation, this one deserves a big WOO HOO!). My E2 level came back at 432- the nurse said that was great. I go back on Friday and am hoping for the trigger shot (triggering ovulation of all mature follicles) on Sunday or Monday! I know how quickly things can turn for the worse, but for now, I am so excited and happy!

Also, I spoke too soon in my previous post about no bruising from my injections. Yesterday morning the bruising started. And right during swimsuit season?! It WILL be worth it. :)


Mrs. Tyndall said...

Do you go to Dr.Pinto? We loved him!!

The Rays said...

Yes! We love him as well! And speaking of small worlds, I think your husband went to high school with me! I graduated from North in '01, and I think he was a little older.

Mrs. Tyndall said...

Crazy small world! Wow! I never got that far into fertility treatments, but there is a lot that those monitors know about our insides. Best wishes of more good news.

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