Friday, July 27, 2012

Still Growing! Slowly, But Growing!

Today's appointment was more of the same, which I will take! I had 1 12mm and 1 15mm on my right ovary, and 2 15mm on my left ovary. I'm a little frustrated with the measurement of my lining though. Today it came back at 7.8mm. Granted it was a different nurse measuring, and she said that 7.8mm is great, I am still a little confused. I wish they would just give me the same nurse through the whole cycle, because each nurse measures differently, but oh well. Why am I complaining when this is all good news?! My E2 level was 649, and I go back on Monday, hopefully ready for that trigger shot!! I should be, as it looks like my follies are growing about 1.5-2mm per day, so by Monday, they should be around 19-21mm. Fingers and toes are crossed!!!


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