Friday, July 6, 2012

Cyst Is Gone?

I went to the RE on Tuesday to see if I had any activity going on inside, and also to see what was going on with the cyst. Good news is, it appears the cyst is gone. But the annoying and frustrating thing is, the one good follicle I have is in the exact same place as where the cyst was. So it's hard to tell if it is the cyst or a follicle. The nurse said that she really believes it is a follicle, because right above the follicle there was some gray matter, and she thinks that was the leftovers from the cyst. It's frustrating because I have a whole other ovary that the healthy follicle could have been on, and then we would know for sure that it was a follicle, but NOOOO. It has to be on the cyst side, in the same spot. Oh well. We are going with the fact that it's a follicle. It was measuring at 14.3mm (which is right where it should be at this point), so I scheduled an appointment to go back on Friday. Also, my lining was a smidge thin at 6.8mm, so I will be starting the estradoil (estrogen) patch tomorrow.

Quick lesson on follicles: A follicle is a fluid-filled sac on the ovary that (usually) contains a ripening egg. The follicle can release an egg at ovulation. (definition from This part can vary by doctor, but most say that a follicle over 18mm is considered mature, and your body can release the egg on it's own, or your doctor can give you a trigger shot, which forces all mature follicles to release an egg.

I went back to the doctor today (Friday) and we hadn't grown much- only at 16.4mm now. But the good thing is that it's growing... And we're also convinced the cyst is gone! Yay! My lining looked good at 7.3mm. I go back Monday to do another sonogram to see if/ how much we've grown, and fingers crossed that I can get the trigger shot!!


aholdbrook said...

I hope today went well!! Sending hugs and prayers your way:)

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