Friday, July 13, 2012

Really, Facebook?

I jumped on Facebook this morning only to find the top 5 posts on my news feed as follows: 2 pregnancy announcements, one "OMG my water just broke" announcement (who does that?!), and 2 precious newborn pics. Can't Facebook just know how much these make me want to cry and hide them from me!?! Just kidding- I am super happy for those folks, but yet another reminder of what has been so hard for us to get!

Another hard part of this journey is baby names. Terry and I have had 4 names picked out for a long time... not many people know what they are, and all of them are really unique. Well, a girl I went to high school with named her baby girl my FAVORITE name. I have never even heard of anyone named this! Does that mean we can't use it now? No. But I still wanted our names to be very different and new. Oh well... we will keep on moving on...

Pity party over. :)


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