Friday, July 20, 2012

Some Good News, Finally!

My baseline scan on Wednesday revealed NO cysts! Woo hoo! They also took blood to check my Estradiol (E2) level, which should be around 50 on day 1. It was 53, and she said that was good.  So the protocol begins as follows:

20 units Microdose Lupron in the morning and at night (this is an injection I give myself in my tummy)
75 units Follistim in the morning beginning day 3 (Friday 7/20) (also an injection I give myself in my tummy)
Return for a scan on Monday 7/23 to see how we are doing

Come on little follicles!! Grow big and strong for me! But only a few of you... we don't want too many to grow!


Jen Cagle said...

Lauren I had no idea! What an emotional journey you have been on. Life is crazy and it seems that everyone has some type of trial in their life. Its amazes me that I see you on a daily basis and your always so friendly and all smiles and behind that you are batteling this. I know I can say,many encouraging words but wont make it any easier. Just know that you and terry are in my prayers and I wish big things for you.

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