Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Cheers to next cycle...

The nurse told me at my last appointment that I should take a pregnancy test on Sunday, July 22. I am normally an "early tester" meaning I start testing way too early each month just in hopes of seeing two lines, and I usually test every day until my period comes. This month I haven't really even wanted to test (good side effects of the acupuncture ,maybe?). Like I have said in previous posts, I'm just so calm and at ease with everything right now.

Well, looks like I won't get to test at all this month. Spotting, cramping, and backache set in this afternoon... Seriously???!!! WTH! A little early! Am I upset?... Yes, of course. But I am excited to get back on track next cycle with the meds (pending no cysts). I will make an appointment tomorrow for some time this week to check for cysts, then once my cycle starts, we get to do injections again. I am also considering doing another natural cycle soon along with the acupuncture. Maybe in September since we plan to go to Hawaii for my 30th birthday.

Cheers until next post... And yes, I am raising my wine glass. After all this, I need a glass... Or bottle!!


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