Monday, July 23, 2012

Keep On Growing!!!

My sonogram and lab work today went well. I have lots of follicles growing, all around 9mm right now. The picture below shows the larger follicle measurements. The column to the right shows the follicle size in cm (so .90cm would be 9mm), and the endo line is my lining (so currently at 6.1mm). My E2 level came back at 134... the nurse told me this morning that she would expect it to be around 100, so this is great news! I go back Wednesday. Keep on growing little guys!

I took a picture of the injections I give myself each day, just to give you an idea of what it's like. My tummy has 14 little needle marks in it as of today, but thank goodness it doesn't bruise like some people I have seen. The injection on the left is the microdose lupron, which I draw into the needle and give myself twice a day (once in am, once in pm), and the pen (which is super simple to use- you just dial the dose and stick a needle on and you're done!) is the Follistim, which I do once per day (in the am).


The Long's said...

Yeah baby follicles!!!....keep it up. Thinking about you :)

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